Crazy Little Quiz on Queen

Hailing from England but having an influence the world over, Queen rocked us for close to 30 years. Think you know Freddie Mercury and crew? Let's find out.

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Before forming Queen, guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor were members of what band?
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What is now considered to be a Queen collector's item, despite poor critical reception and sales?
Tea With The Queen - A voice-soothing, camomile-flavored tea sponsored by Mercury
Queen: The Eye - A computer game featuring songs from the band
God Spread The Queen - A butter substitute featuring an extensive ad campaign by the band
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In the famous scene from Wayne's World, the characters rock out to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody." Approximately how many seconds are cut off the track's beginning?
60 seconds
90 seconds
180 seconds
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What Queen concert is considered "the greatest live gig ever"?
Live Aid At Wembely Stadium
Queen On Fire At The Bowl
Queen Live In Rio
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Where did Freddie Mercury write "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"
On the subway
At a bar
In the bath
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Queen recorded the soundtrack for what 1980s science fiction film?
Flash Gordon
Superman II
Blade Runner
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How many days after revealing he had AIDS did Freddie Mercury die?
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Two of Queen's album titles are taken from what group?
Laurel and Hardy
The Marx Brothers
Abbott and Costello
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Which of these songs was declared "Greatest Song of All Time" by the Guinness Book of Records in 2002?
We Are The Champions
Bohemian Rhapsody
Under Pressure
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Where was Freddie Mercury born?
Liverpool, England
Stone Town, Zanzibar
Augsburg, German
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Queen's only live American TV appearance came on which popular show?
The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson
Saturday Night Live
The Arsenio Hall Show