Name the 9 Original "Teen" Stars on Beverly Hills 90210

While there's some debate as to whether there were eight or nine original stars on BH 90210, there's no question that some of the actors weren't even close to the age of the characters they played. Suspension of disbelief is a glorious thing, and part of the reason the series did so well.

See how well you know the real names of the original stars from the first season. We put three minutes on the clock... ready, set, go!

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Name the 9 Original "Teen" Stars on Beverly Hills 90210
Shannen Doherty|Doherty
Jason Priestley|Priestley|Jason Priestly|Priestly|Jason Preistley|Preistley|Jason Preistly|Preistly
Luke Perry|Perry
Tori Spelling|Spelling|Tory Spelling
Jennie Garth|Garth|Jenny Garth|Jenney Garth
Gabrielle Carteris|Carteris
Ian Ziering|Ziering
Brian Austin Green|Austin Green|Brian Green|Green
Douglas Emerson|Emerson