Onomatopoeia Zadora

ONOMATOPOEIA consists of words that mimic the sounds associated with the objects or actions they refer to. Think "buzz" or "yelp" or even "splash." Here are twelve questions about artists, albums, and songs that fit this theme. Enjoy!

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What group's hit song "BANG!" was accompanied by the first music video by a Russian band to air on MTV?
Gorky Park
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Which of these not-so-country performers did not appear as a guest on the long-running "rural" variety show HEE-HAW?
Paul Anka
Jerry Lee Lewis
Elvis Presley
Ray Charles
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Tracks from what band's BONK album were featured in the "Baseballs of Death" episode of TV's Miami Vice?
Big Pig
Third Bird
Wow Cow
Boss Hoss
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"Out of Touch" was the biggest hit from what duo's 1984 album Big BAM Boom?
Hall & Oates
Loggins & Messina
Wendy & Lisa
Ashford & Simpson
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Born Rip Hylton, performer EEK-a-Mouse is best known for his work in what musical genre?
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MURMUR was the title of what "alternative" band's debut album back in 1983?
The Cure
The Replacements
Sonic Youth
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What wrestling-related name was used by the act behind the popular chant "WHOOMP! (There It Is)"?
Figure Four
Tag Team
Half Nelson
Cage Match
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Who served as conductor of the Boston POPS Orchestra for more than half a century?
Arthur Fiedler
Paul Mauriat
Victor Herbert
Eugene Ormandy
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Lady GAGA took her stage name from a 1984 hit by which group?
The Moody Blues
Duran Duran
Air Supply
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In the Playmates' novelty hit "BEEP BEEP," a Cadillac was challenged by what much smaller model of car?
a Volkswagen Beetle
a Nash Rambler
an AMC Gremlin
an Alfa Romeo
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What type of ballroom dance is mentioned by name in the lyrics of the WHAM! hit "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go"?
Fox Trot
Lindy Hop
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SNAP! topped the U.K. singles chart (and came close stateside) with what 1990 single?
"Pump Up the Jam"
"The Power"
"Gonna Make You Sweat"
"Everybody, Everybody"