The Advertising Slogans Quiz

This quiz tests the copywriters who penned these taglines as much as it tests you. How well do you know your slogans?

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Which company’s slogan assured you that “Nothing Sucks” like their vacuum?
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What slogan was used to market the movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?
Share the pants of destiny.
Sisters share secrets. Friends share pants.
Laugh, cry, share the pants.
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One car company urged customers to “Think Small.” Which brand lived by these words?
Mini Cooper
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Which car company called its customers' manhood into question with the slogan “Size Does Matter”?
Mini Cooper
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Sometimes brands try a bit too hard to sound hip. Which of these slogans is NOT real?
FCUK You (French Connection)
Make 7 Up Yours (7 Up)
Screw Yourself (Ikea)
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In the old days, tobacco companies were big on associating their names with good health. Which brand once claimed it was “Just What the Doctor Ordered”?
Lucky Strike
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Which beer anointed itself “The Champagne of Beer”?
Labatt Blue
Stella Artois
Miller High Life
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Which restaurant, known for its suggestive ads, wants customers to know that “If It Doesn’t Get All Over The Place, It Doesn’t Belong In Your Face”?
In-N-Out Burger
Carl's Jr.
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Which company used the slogan “Dieting Doesn’t Work, _________ Does”?
Slim Fast
Weight Watchers
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Some companies claim they are different from competitors by denying the type of service they provide. Can you identify the company behind this slogan: “It’s Waaaay Better Than Fast Food, It’s _________"?
Burger King
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Which of the following slogans was NEVER used by Pepsi?
Have a Pepsi Rally
Nothing Else Is a Pepsi
It Makes You Scintillate