The Saved by the Bell Sports Quiz

From wheelchair basketball to Running Zack, many of the best Saved by the Bell episodes revolved around sports and games. How well do you remember the athletic exploits of the Bayside gang?

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In the “Running Zack” episode where Zack discovers his Native American heritage, he’s a member of the track team. Which track meet staple is his specialty?
100-meter dash
1-mile run
800-meter relay
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When Zack and Slater manufacture dissent and incite a full-blown teachers strike, what prestigious event does the strike interfere with?
The chess championship
The Academic Bowl
The Bayside/Valley football game
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Bayside's first wheelchair basketball game raised money for what cause?
The "Save The Max" campaign
To build wheelchair ramps at Bayside
To fund The Teen Line
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Why does the group hold the infamous Date Auction?
To buy new equipment for the baseball team
To fund a midnight basketball league for at-risk youth
To get new uniforms for the cheerleading team
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In the episode where Jessie’s stepbrother plays the gang like a puppeteer, he blackmails Zack with a videotape of Zack and Screech attending which sporting event?
A USC football game
A Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game
A Los Angeles Lakers basketball game
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Why is Zack so interested in winning the annual Malibu Sands vs. North Beach volleyball match?
To get a discount on a car
To impress Kelly
To win a bet with Slater
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Slater’s father wants him to go to the United States Military Academy at West Point, but Slater wants to attend which school because of its storied wrestling program?
Oklahoma State
University of Iowa
University of Minnesota
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In the episode where the school strikes oil, what sports facility is the school upgrading when oil is discovered?
The football field
The tennis courts
The baseball diamond
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What is the name of Slater’s primary (read: only) wrestling rival at Valley High?
The Gooch