The Joy of Quizzing

This year marks the 80th anniversary of what has been considered the best cookbook ever published. The Joy of Cooking covers everything from eggs to rabbit, with plenty of helpful information for aspiring chefs or inexperienced cooks. With a little help from, we're putting your knowledge of the cookbook and the information within to the test -- how much can you remember about The Joy of Cooking?

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What was the subtitle of Irma Rombauer’s original version of “The Joy of Cooking?”
Deliciously Simple Food for Complicated Lives
A Compilation of Reliable Recipes with a Casual Culinary Chat
America’s Best Recipes
Because Food is as Lovely as Life
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According to “The Joy of Cooking,” besides using lemon juice, what is the best way to get rid of a fruit juice stain?
Scrape with a moist cloth
Sponge with cold water
Soak with detergent for 30 minutes
Pour boiling water from a height of two feet
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Early versions of the book contain advice for cooking such meats as squirrel, hare and possum. According to the authors, what type of squirrel is the best to cook with?
Gray squirrel
Fox squirrel
Red squirrel
Douglas squirrel
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What notable change was made in the poorly-received 1997 edition of the book?
There was no longer a dessert section
A section on knives was added
The book no longer uses the first person
The illustrations were eliminated
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What two things should never be used to extinguish a cooking fire, according to the book?
Baking soda or sugar
A towel or your hands
Baking soda or milk
Flour or water
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What dish is described as “the liver of a duck or goose that has been enlarged to stupendous proportions?”
Coq au vin
Foie gras
Offal casserole
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What part of a pig’s body does “fresh” ham come from, according to the book?
Hind leg
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Besides Irma Rombauer and Marion Rombauer Becker, who has been credited on the cover of “The Joy of Cooking?”
Maggie Green
John Rombauer-Becker
Ethan Becker
Susan Smith