The Mascot Quiz

Love them or hate them, mascots have become an inseparable part of sports. How much do you know about the animals that represent our favorite teams?

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Which of the following mascots would you NOT find in the SEC?
Mike the Tiger
Big Al
Bucky Badger
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The Pittsburgh Steelers mascot is named Steely McBeam, the winning entry in a 2007 contest from Pennsylvania resident Diane Roles. According to an interview, she chose Steely for the city’s rich steel heritage and “Mc” for the Irish roots of the Rooney family, who own the Steelers. Where did the “Beam” in Steely’s last name come from?
The whiskey Jim Beam
The idea of a steel beam
Her son's middle name
Her favorite player growing up, Johnny Beam
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What did Edmonton Oilers coach Craig MacTavish do to Calgary Flames mascot Harvey the Hound in a famous 2003 incident?
Punched him, earning an ejection
Kissed him after an upset win
Tripped him on the ice
Ripped out his (fake) tongue
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Which of the following college mascots is NOT a live animal?
Joy and Lady, the Baylor bears
Tom the Tiger of Memphis
The Oregon Duck
Auburn University’s War Eagle VII
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Much like the Milwaukee Brewers’ sausage race, the Washington Nationals race the four presidents from Mount Rushmore. Which of the president mascots has yet to win a race?
Teddy Roosevelt
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Abraham Lincoln
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What NBA team does the above mascot represent?
Oklahoma City Thunder
Miami Heat
Utah Jazz
New York Knicks
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What is the name of the buffalo that acts as the mascot for Colorado University?
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After the 2008 season, the Baltimore Ravens retired two of its three raven mascots, just leaving one. What was his name?
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Which of the following mascots has NOT been inducted (unofficially) into the Baseball Hall of Fame?
Phillie Phanatic
San Diego Chicken
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All Florida University fans know mascot Albert E. Gator, but what is the name of the female version used for women’s games?