What's Going On?

Forty years ago, Marvin Gaye released the seminal album What's Going On. With its unique song cycle structure and lyrics that touched on nearly every social issue of the day, it was an instant hit and has remained a classic. Do you know what's going on with What's Going On?

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The album begins with “What’s Going On” and eventually returns to the same theme in the closing seconds of the final track. Which song ends the album?
"God is Love"
"Wholly Holy"
"Inner City Blues"
"Mercy Mercy Me"
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According to the album, what do you have to do “if you wanna love?”
Thank the lord
Go where the good feeling awaits
Turn on, feel it
Save the babies
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What issue does “Mercy Mercy Me” tackle?
The environment
Drug addiction
Mistreatment of veterans
The collapse of the middle class
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Besides the normal backing band and members of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, who also performs on the album?
The mayor of Detroit
Two members of the Detroit Lions
A chorus of Vietnam veterans
Carly Simon
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What line comes after “Mother, Mother” in the title track?
There's far too many of you dying
We don't need to escalate
You know we've got to find a way
There’s too many of you crying
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Where did Gaye perform the album live, in its entirety, in his first live performance since the death of longtime collaborator Tammi Terrell?
Madison Square Garden
Outside the White House
The Kennedy Center
The Hollywood Bowl
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In “Inner City Blues,” what does Gaye say is “a natural fact?”
That he can't pay his taxes
That God is love
That panic is spreading
That crime rises with no money
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Which of the following covers of various songs from the albums is NOT real?
“What’s Going On” by Michael McDonald
“Wholly Holy” by Aretha Franklin
“Mercy Mercy Me” by The Strokes
“What’s Happening Brother” by Stevie Nicks
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The album is sung from the viewpoint of a ________.
Veteran returning from Vietnam
Homeless man
Drug addict
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Which of these songs was released after “What’s Going On?”
"I Heard It Through The Grapevine"
"Let's Get It On"
“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”
“It Takes Two”