BABIP or CERA: A Baseball Stats Quiz

Now that we're in the throes of the baseball season, it's not enough to evaluate players just on hits and home runs, or teams on just wins and losses. No, we need a whole slew of advanced statistics. Put your knowledge of baseball stats, both simple and complex, to the test in this quiz. Can you bat 1.000?

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In his first five innings, starting pitcher Jason English gives up 4 runs on 7 hits (there were no errors). In the sixth inning, the first batter hits a solo home run, the next batter grounds out, then the third batter hits a double. At that point, English is taken out of the game for a reliever, Mangesh Hattikudur. Mangesh promptly gives up a 2-run homer, then strikes out the final two batters. Neither team scores for the rest of the game. Calculate Jason English’s ERA for the game.
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It may not be surprising that there is a sabremetric stat called “NERD.” But what is surprising is that it’s meant to measure what should be unmeasurable. What does NERD calculate?
The value of a ticket to a particular game
The aesthetics of watching a team
The inability of a statistic to measure a player’s performance
How well a pitcher would fare against a historical lineup
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The Pythagoeran expectation is meant to give a more accurate picture of how many games a team should be winning. What is the formula based on?
Batting average and ERA
Runs scored and runs allowed
Runs scored and fielding percentage
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A relief pitcher, Sandy Wood, enters the game in the seventh inning with his team up by 2. He strikes out all three batters in the sixth. In the eighth, he gives up two hits, and is lifted for another pitcher, who then induces a triple play. Neither team scores, so Sandy’s team wins by 2. Which of the following does Sandy qualify for?
A save
A hold
Both a save and a hold
Neither a save nor a hold
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DICE (Defense-Independent Component ERA) is one of several defense-independent pitching statistics that is meant to assess a pitcher’s performance regardless of how well his team is fielding. Which of the following stats is NOT included in DICE?
Hit by pitch
Innings pitched
Home runs
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What does VORP stand for in sabremetrics?
Value Over Replacement Player
Value Of Relief Pitcher
Value-Oriented Risk Percentage
Visiting OBP, Relative to Park
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What is this statistic and what does it measure?


Ultimate Zone Rating – It shows how well a batter hits the ball per at bat
Gross Production Average – It’s an improvement on OPS to more accurately reflect a batter’s performance
Pythagorean expectation – How well a player should hit for the rest of the season
Equivalent Average – It measures a player’s effectiveness at the plate
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Which of the following would not be factored into a player's batting average?
A ground-rule double
A bunt single
A home run
A walk
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What two statistics go into a batter’s OPS?
On base percentage and slugging percentage
Batting average and slugging percentage
Hits and at-bats
Total bases and batting average
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Which of the following batting statistics is not included in baseball’s Triple Crown?
Home runs
Batting average
Slugging percentage
Runs batted in