Ferris Bueller's Day Off: The 25th Anniversary Quiz

Ferris Bueller's Day Off hit theaters on June 11, 1986. We've decided to celebrate the film's 25th anniversary with a quiz.

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Ferris's girlfriend is named Sloane. What's her last name?
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At the police station, which actor makes out with Ferris's sister (played by Jennifer Grey)?
Anthony Michael Hall
Charlie Sheen
Eric Stoltz
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When the parking lot attendants go on a joyride in Cameron's father's car, we hear signature music from another film. Which film's famous score is it?
2001: A Space Odyssey
Star Wars
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Ferris misses a test at school during his Day Off. What was the subject of the test?
Supply-Side Economics
European Socialism
Impressionist Art
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What was Abe Froman the king of?
Used Cars
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What was the mileage of Cameron's father's car BEFORE it was removed from its showroom garage?
126 and halfway between three and four tenths
182 and halfway between three and four tenths
316 and two tenths
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What does the Save Ferris movement seek to achieve?
Buy a kidney for Ferris
Buy a car for Ferris
Pay for Ferris's hospice care
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Many cars shown in the movie carry custom license plates. Which of the following is NOT a custom plate shown in the movie?
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When calling attendance, how many times does the economics teacher (played by Ben Stein) say the name "Bueller"?
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In 1990, NBC briefly aired a TV series called Ferris Bueller. In the show, who played Ferris's sister Jeanie?
Mayim Bialik
Shannen Doherty
Jennifer Aniston