The Ron Swanson Quiz

Ron Swanson is Parks and Recreation’s breakout star, but how well do you know the details behind everyone’s favorite mustachioed Libertarian?

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What’s the name of Ron’s sax-playing alterego?
Duke Silver
Bud King
Ace Reagan
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According to Ron, what holiday is “a scam”?
Arbor Day
Valentine's Day
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What is the secret of Ron’s hamburger recipe?
“Instead of ground beef, just use a steak.”
“Instead of a bun, another hamburger.”
“A hamburger made out of meat on a bun with nothing.”
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What snack is known as a “Swanson” around Pawnee?
A burger topped with bacon and egg
A 16 oz. T-bone and a 24 oz. porterhouse
A turkey leg wrapped in bacon
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What tennis star does Ron list as being one of his ideal women?
Steffi Graf
Jennifer Capriati
Anna Kournikova
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What is Ron’s ringtone?
A gunshot
Leslie Knope's voice
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Ron keeps a photo album with pictures of what?
Every flute he's ever carved
Every steak he’s ever eaten at Charles Mulligan’s
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According to Ron, there’s only one bad word. What is it?
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Which of the following is NOT on the Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness?
Old Wooden Sailing Ships
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How many toes does Ron have?
He has the toes he has
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Ron only officially recommends three products. Two are U.S. Army issued mustache trimmers and the C.R. Lawrence Fein two-inch axe-style scraper oscillating knife blade. What is the third?
Morton Salt
Angus beef
Remington ammunition