Cheesy '80s Movie Songs

You've heard the songs thousands of times in movies and on the radio. But do you know who performed them? Some of the clips may give away the answer at the end, so unless you're trying to cheat, don't watch all the way through.

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"You're the Best" (The Karate Kid)

El DeBarge
Joe Esposito
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"Mighty Wings" (Top Gun)

Cheap Trick
Kenny Loggins
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"The Heat Is On" (Beverly Hills Cop)

Steven Stills
Glenn Frey
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"Maniac" (Flashdance)

John Parr
Michael Sembello
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"Do You Dream About Me" (Mannequin)

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"Weird Science" (Weird Science)

Mike Reno
Oingo Boingo
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"Don't You (Forget About Me)" (The Breakfast Club)

Simple Minds
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"No Easy Way Out" (Rocky IV)

Robert Tepper
John Cafferty
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"Danger Zone" (Top Gun)

Kenny Loggins
Jim Messina
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"On the Dark Side" (Eddie and the Cruisers)

Bruce Springsteen
John Cafferty