Cosmetics of the '70s

The 1970s were an active time in the cosmetics world, as "style" changed from hippie to glam to punk to disco. Here are 10 questions about some of the most popular brands and products of that decade, and a score of 6 or better earns you a win. Good luck!

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What brand of shampoo produced such amazing results that "I told two friends, and she told two friends...and so on..."?
Earth Born
Faberge Organics
Herbal Essences
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What brand of cologne used the advertising tag line "makes a girl feel pretty"?
Blue Jeans
L'Air du Temps
Skinny Dip
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The onomatopoetically named product called "Psssssst" was a type of:
Acne treatment
Dry shampoo
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Commercials for what "8 hour" perfume assured us that women "Can bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan"?
Wind Song
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What brand of deodorant, aimed toward the female audience, was advertised as "the antiperspirant with the big wide ball"?
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Which of "Charlie's Angels" was the spokesmodel for Charlie perfume?
Cheryl Ladd
Jaclyn Smith
Shelley Hack
Tanya Roberts
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What was the name of the Bonne Bell product line that came in "flavors" such as Dr. Pepper, 7-Up, and Tootsie Roll?
Kissing Potion
Lip Slick
Lip Smackers
Pot O'Gloss
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"Because innocence is sexier than you think" was a slogan used to promote what fragrance line?
Avon Sweet Honesty
Coty Sweet Earth
Jean Nate
Love's Baby Soft
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What "special" ingredient was the secret behind the Body on Tap shampoo?
Lemon juice
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Whose trendy wedge haircut inspired Clairol to create Short and Sassy Shampoo?
Dorothy Hamill
Kate Jackson
Kristy McNichol
Lauren Tewes