Name the Pitchers Who've Thrown a Perfect Game

The first two perfect games were pitched just five days apart in 1880. We won't ask you to recall John Ward (Providence Grays) and Lee Richmond (Worcester Ruby Legs), but how many of the other 20 perfect game pitchers can you name in 5 minutes? Last names only will suffice. (Updated June 14, 2012.)

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Name the Pitchers Who've Thrown a Perfect Game
Cy Young, Boston Americans (1904)|Cy Young|Young
Addie Joss, Cleveland Naps (1908)|Addie Joss|Joss
Charlie Robertson, Chicago White Sox (1922)|Robertson|Charlie Robertson
Don Larsen, New York Yankees (1956)|Larsen|Don Larsen|Don Larson|Larson
Catfish Hunter, Oakland A's (1968)|Hunter|Catfish Hunter
Len Barker, Cleveland Indians (1981)|Barker|Len Barker
Mike Witt, California Angels (1984)|Mike Witt|Witt|Mike Whitt|Whitt
Kenny Rogers, Texas Rangers (1994)|Kenny Rogers|Rogers
David Wells, New York Yankees (1998)|Wells|David Wells
David Cone, New York Yankees (1999)|David Cone|Cone
Mark Buehrle, Chicago White Sox (2009)|Buehrle|Mark Buehrle|Mark Beuhrle|Beuhrle|Mark Behrle|Behrle
Dallas Braden, Oakland A's (2010)|Dallas Braden|Braden
Roy Halladay, Philadelphia Phillies (2010)|Halladay|Roy Halladay
Randy Johnson, Arizona Diamondbacks (2004)|Johnson|Randy Johnson
Dennis Martinez, Montreal Expos (1991)|Martinez|Dennis Martinez|Denny Martinez
Tom Browning, Cincinnati Reds (1988)|Tom Browning|Browning
Sandy Koufax, Los Angeles Dodgers (1965)|Sandy Koufax|Koufax|Sandy Kofax|Kofax
Jim Bunning, Philadelphia Phillies (1964)|Jim Bunning|Bunning
Matt Cain, San Francisco Giants (2012)|Matt Cain|Cain
Philip Humber, Chicago White Sox (2012)|Philip Humber|Phil Humber|Humber|Phillip Humber