Short-Lived TV Shows of 1995

Can you recall what these short-lived TV shows were all about?

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American Gothic

A comedic fictionalization of the life and times of artist Grant Wood, secret agent in this Twin Peaks knock-off.
An anthology style TV series portraying the darker side of the Great Depression - frequently featuring grisly murders and occult activity.
A corrupt sheriff murders his way through a small town, always one step behind his illegitimate son who is aided by the ghost of his older sister.
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Tales of survival permeate this Rescue 911 cast-off, featuring re-enactments of real-life survival.
James Brolin leads a search and rescue team in the Rocky Mountains.
A snowboarder learns to juggle his expanding career with his wacky childhood friends in this short-lived WB series meant to appeal to the Gen X crowd.
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First Time Out

A recent Yale grad runs a hair salon by day while attending law school by night, while also balancing the demands of her neurotic roommates and her own search for love and success.
Amy got pregnant in high school and married the not-quite-man of her dreams. Now, in rural North Carolina, she finds herself on her own for the first time, balancing the demands of being a newly single mother with grown kids at college trying to find herself in a world she thought she'd never live in.
A young con man pretends to be gay to land the condo sublease of his dreams - and has to draw his disapproving college best friend into the charade, paying him to act as his "boyfriend." The series was dubbed "serially offensive" by TV Guide in their run-down of the 1995 fall season and lasted five episodes.
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An early attempt at a gay-themed domestic drama about a lesbian couple struggling to raise one partner's children from a previous marriage.
Two partners in an architecture firm who both struggle for the attention of one of the partners' fiancée.
She's an ambitious new attorney seeking justice for the disenfranchised. He's a hot-shot with an eye on the free market and higher office. Both work for the same large firm, often on opposing sides of the argument. But thrown onto the same case, their personalities clash in sexy ways in this court dramedy that proves opposites attract.
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Ellen Cleghorne's ill-fated late night show, which languished on the WB! with stiff competition from Leno, Letterman, and Chevy Chase.
A fresh-faced young mayor cleans up the corrupt bureaucracy ruling Cleghorne, North Dakota (loosely based on Cleghorne, Wisconsin).
Comedienne Ellen Cleghorne balances her production company, her wacky parents, her nine-year-old daughter, and her ca-crazy love life.
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In The House

A former NFL star solves his financial problems by renting out part of his mansion to a single mom and her two kids.
An ahead-of-its-time, behind-the-scenes political mockumentary about low-level House staffers in the wake of the Republican Revolution.
A romantic dramedy about a wrongly convicted woman and the prison guard she falls in love with.
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Nowhere Man

A man in his mid-life crisis quits his high paid job to search for the true American experience, finding new stories and facets to life in America as he travels.
A family takes a homeless man into their lives - only to discover the hilarious ups and downs of their charity as their newfound nanny teaches the kids some unusual "lessons" from his life on the streets of Los Angeles.
A photojournalist discovers his life is turned upside-down as if it has been erased, with ties to a shadowy group known only as The Organization.
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A woman steps into the role of office manager at a fictional software company and learns to love her socially inept programmer coworkers.
A former pro-football player returns to his old high school - only to find himself teaching the same types of kids he once picked on in high school.
The trials and tribulations of members of a high school AV club, who deal with social ostracism and failed "Doom" LAN parties.
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The Single Guy

A recently widowed father struggles to raise his kids and find a love life in mid-90s Chicago.
A struggling writer in New York deals with life, love, and neurotic friends.
A reformed womanizer struggles to settle down with his first foray into monogamy in over a decade.
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Too Something

The show that was later reconfigured to Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place, featuring the lives of three young 20-somethings struggling with their abrupt entry into the real world.
An author and a photographer live, work, and play in downtown Manhattan.
A UPN mid-season replacement featuring rapper Too $hort as an assistant gym coach at a Connecticut prep school in this short-lived fish-out-of-water sitcom.
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A faux-soap-style whodunit murder mystery set in a New York City gym.
Loosely based on the Kurt Russell hit Used Cars, rival vintage car dealers face off in sales and love in Phoenix, AZ.
What goes on behind the scenes at a struggling men's fitness magazine? Devoted feminist Bethany Miles took a job at Muscle Magazine with hopes of penning an expose... but gets promoted to editor instead!