The Untouchables 25th Anniversary Quiz

Based on the real-life hunt for Al Capone, "The Untouchables" has remained one of the all-time best gangster films since its debut in June 1987. In honor of the film's 25th anniversary, see how much you remember about the Brian de Palma classic.

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What is Al Capone doing when we first see him in the film?
Putting a stamp on a letter bomb
Writing in a ledger
Getting a shave
Eating pasta
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How does Ness know that Frank Netti killed Malone?
He sees Netti fleeing the scene
Netti confesses outside of the courtroom
He matches the shell casings to Netti's gun recovered in Canada
He finds Malone's address on Netti's matchbook
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What is the name of the hotel where Capone has a suite and is the site of his first showdown with Ness?
Roosevelt Hotel
The Michigan
Drake Hotel
Lexington Hotel
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Besides lost causes, what is St. Jude the patron saint of, according to Malone?
The Law
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Brian De Palma has said that the shootout scene at Union Station is meant as an homage to what other movie?
The Wild Bunch
Battleship Potemkin
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What brings Ness and his men to Union Station?
To arrest Capone bookkeeper Walter Payne
To track a liquor shipment to Canada
To follow Capone
To catch the chief of police getting a bribe from Capone's men
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In his famous dinnertime speech to his gang, what does Capone say is one of his "enthusiasms" that "draws my admiration" and "gives me joy?"
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When Capone's men kill Wallace and another officer, what do they write on the wall of the elevator where the shooting takes place?
Die Coppers
Capone Was Here
You're Next
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In the movie, Oscar Wallace (played by Charles Martin Smith) is the accountant responsible for nailing Capone with tax evasion. What was that accountant's name in real life?
Frank J. Wilson
Phil D'Andrea
Charles Payne
J. Edgar Hoover
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Which character's real name was Giuseppe Petri?
Al Capone
Frank Netti
Jim Malone
George Stone
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According to Malone, what is the first rule of law enforcement?
Make sure when your shift is over, you go home alive
Never lie to your captain, partner or wife
Do it the Chicago way
Never shoot until shot at
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What does Ness say to Capone in the courtroom after Capone's attorneys have changed his plea to guilty?
"Never stop fighting 'till the fight is done."
"I was just here when the wheel came around."
"The first year's for Wallace, the rest is for Malone."
"You're nothing but a lot of talk and a gun."