Aaahh!!! Real Monsters: The Quiz

Continuing our look at classic Nickelodeon cartoons, here's a look at the creepy creatures of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters. How much do you remember about Oblina, Kickis, Krumm and the rest of the monsters in the academy in the dump?

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Oblina was able to give nightmares to humans by doing what?
Hiding under their beds and screaming in the middle of the night
Shapeshifting in front of them as they fall asleep
Tickling their brain through their ears
Singing lullabies with grotesque lyrics
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Name this character (shown here with Zimbo)
The Gromble
The Snorch
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Christine Cavanaugh, who voiced Oblina, was also the voice of what other notable Nickelodeon character?
Patti (from Doug)
CatDog (from CatDog)
Chuckie (from Rugrats)
Helga (from Hey Arnold)
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Every year, the monsters compete in the riding of the Great Wave. Where does the Great Wave come from?
An overwhelming trash gyre in the Pacific Ocean
A vat of saliva stored up over the year
An earthquake caused by the Shroink waking up from his year-long nap
Flushing toilets during halftime of the Super Bowl
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What happens to the Gromble's mother when she tries to visit the academy?
She ends up in a zoo, mistaken for a yak
Her room in the dump is destroyed by humans
She gets caught and stuffed by Simon the monster hunter
She falls in love with a human
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Krumm's father, Horvak, looks almost exactly like his son, except for what key difference?
Horvak is six feet taller
Horvak is missing one eye
Horvak has blue fur
Horvak carries his eyes in a specially-made handbag
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What Rocky Horror Picture Show actor had a recurring role as the Gromble's assistant?
Tim Curry
Meat Loaf
Barry Bostwick
Susan Sarandon
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What happens during the regular Festival of the Festering Moon?
Humans, celebrating Halloween, scare each other and leave the monsters bored
The monsters get their adult stench
The monsters have a feast of garbage and rats
The monsters shed their skin
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Ickis often had trouble living up to the legacy of his father, who was one of the academy's best students. What was his father's name?
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What fad object has the power to hypnotize the monsters, a trait that Simon tries to use to capture them?
A pet rock
A lava lamp
A magic 8 ball
A Furby