5 Questions: Shenanigans!

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What 1869 "discovery" by William Newell was later determined to be a hoax?
Piltdown Man
The Cardiff Giant
The Turk
The Tasaday Tribe
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Danny Almonte, who was ultimately found to be over the age limit when he dominated Little League Baseball in 2001, was born in what country?
Dominican Republic
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What author of the best-selling A Million Little Pieces was recently revealed to have largely fictionalized this tale of addiction and crime?
Stephen Glass
Jack Kelley
James Frey
Jayson Blair
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Most scholars believe that this explorer, despite his claim to have first been there in 1271, never visited China?
Amerigo Vespucci
Fray Marcos de Niza
Vasco de Gama
Marco Polo
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What 1969 novel (credited to Penelope Ashe) was actually written by 25 Newsday employees to showcase the decline of American literary tastes?
Naked Came the Stranger
Fear of Flying
Thy Neighbor's Wife
The Naked Ape