5 Questions: Shea Hey!

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What Major League Baseball team plays their home games in Shea Stadium?
Cincinnati Reds
Philadelphia Phillies
New York Mets
Los Angeles Dodgers
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Shea Butter is made from oil which is extracted from:
plant seeds
fish scales
beef fat
petroleum deposits
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Emmy-winning actor John Shea portrayed what role in the 1990s TV series Lois & Clark?
Jonathan Kent
Jimmy Olsen
Lex Luthor
Perry White
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American athlete Jack Shea won two gold medals in the 1932 Winter Olympics in which of the following sports?
figure skating
nordic skiing
speed skating
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Chris Shea famously told the story of the birth of Christ as the voice behind what Peanuts character in the animated TV specialA Charlie Brown Christmas?
Charlie Brown
Pig Pen