5 Questions: Green and Fab

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"Everybody's green, 'cause I'm the one who won your love..."
I'll Follow the Sun
You Can't Do That
Good Day Sunshine
Twist and Shout
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"Black, white, green, red, can I take my friend to bed?"
Lovely Rita
Your Mother Should Know
All Together Now
Savoy Truffle
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"You say you've seen seven wonders and your bird is green..."
Free as a Bird
Mother Nature's Son
Blue Jay Way
And Your Bird Can Sing
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"Cellophane flowers of yellow and green, towering over your head..."
Strawberry Fields Forever
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Nowhere Man
The Fool on the Hill
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"So we sailed up to the sun, till we found the sea of green..."
Helter Skelter
Day Tripper
Yellow Submarine
Magical Mystery Tour