5 Questions: Civil War Films

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In what 1993 film did the role of General Robert E. Lee pass through the hands of William Hurt, Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Duvall before it was finally awarded to Martin Sheen?
The Lincoln Conspiracy
The Killing Box
Ride with the Devil
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In the 1989 film Glory, Matthew Broderick portrayed Col. Robert Shaw, the leader of the first Union company that:
was captured and held at Andersonville
saw action in the first battle at Fort Sumter
guarded the border of the new state of West Virginia
was comprised of African-American volunteers
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Which of the following directors did NOT work on the blockbuster film Gone with the Wind?
King Vidor
Victor Fleming
Sam Wood
George Cukor
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The motion picture Birth of a Nation made its premiere under what alternate title?
The Bishop of the Ozarks
The Clansmen
An Outcast Among Outcasts
The Bandit's Son
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What John Wayne film, set during the Civil War, was based on a true story?
The Searchers
The Fighting Kentuckian
The Horse Soldiers
Reap the Wild Wind