5 Questions: What's in Store

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Isidor Strauss, co-owner of Macy's with his brother Nathan, was tragically killed in what well-known disaster?
the Great Chicago Fire
the crash of the Hindenburg
the sinking of the Titanic
the San Francisco Earthquake
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Marshall Field III, who ran the department store chain started by his grandfather, bought and merged what two newspapers in 1948?
San Diego Union-Tribune
Chicago Sun-Times
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
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Which of the following signature lines has not been carried by K-mart?
Kathy Ireland
Cheryl Tiegs
Martha Stewart
Jaclyn Smith
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According to Time magazine, Wal-Mart's computer database is second in capacity only to the one owned by:
the IRS
General Motors
the Pentagon
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Which of the following established the first mail-order catalog in the United States?
Montgomery Ward
Sears & Roebuck
J.C. Penney