5 Questions: Tick Tock

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Swiss Timing, best known for providing timekeeping services for sporting events around the world, is a division of which of the following?
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What TV series' run included an acclaimed episode titled "Life Time," during which an onscreen clock kept time for a surgery that had to be completed in 20 minutes?
Chicago Hope
St. Elsewhere
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Munich's famous Glockenspiel features figures that dance the Schafflertanz, which celebrates the end of:
the Plague
the First Reich
the Franco-Prussian War
the Latin Mass
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What silent film star dangled from the hands of a giant clock in a memorable scene from the 1923 motion picture Safety Last?
Buster Keaton
Harold Lloyd
Charlie Chaplin
Stan Laurel
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A light shining atop the clockface of Big Ben indicates:
Changing of the guards
Queen is in residence
Parliament is in session
The time is P.M.