5 Questions: HAVE A HEART

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What deaf-mute was the central character in Carson McCullers' classic novel, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter?
John Singer
Boo Radley
Benjy Compson
Neeley Nolan
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In 1982, who became the first recipient of the Jarvik-7, an artificial heart?
Michael DeBakey
Christiaan Barnard
William DeVries
Barney Clark
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The company that makes "conversation hearts," those little Valentine candies, also makes which of these confections?
Starburst fruit chews
Necco wafers
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The movie Heart Like a Wheel told the story of what drag racer?
Don Garlits
Lucille Lee
Bob Glidden
Shirley Muldowney
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Born with a faulty heart valve, what humorist wrote about undergoing three open heart surgeries in I Took a Lickin' and Kept on Tickin'?
Erma Bombeck
Bennett Cerf
Lewis Grizzard
Mike Royko