5 Questions: NEAR MRS.

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Which Facts of Life star appeared in TV commercials for Mrs. Butterworth's syrup?
Mindy Cohn
Lisa Whelchel
Charlotte Rae
Kim Fields
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The classic novel Mrs. Mike told the story of a young Boston girl who married a sergeant in the ...
French Foreign Legion
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
U.S. Marine Corps
Salvation Army
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Who portrayed a divorced father forced to go undercover as a nanny in the 1993 motion picture Mrs. Doubtfire?
Dustin Hoffman
Adam Sandler
Robin Williams
Bob Hoskins
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Mrs. Elva Miller was a Kansas housewife who became famous for ...
coaching her gymnast daughter to the Olympics
providing the AT&T operator's voice
producing her husband's sing-along TV show
recording a bad pop music album
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A "malapropism" (a comical misuse of words) is named after Mrs. Malaprop, a character in what Richard Sheridan play?
St. Patrick's Day
The Rivals
The Critic
School for Scandal