5 Questions: AIN'T IT SWEET?

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What sugar substitute is made from sucralose, a real sugar derivative that is not absorbed by the body?
Sugar Twin
Sweet 'n' Low
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Which "Sugar" song did NOT hit number one on the Billboard pop chart?
Sugar Shack
Sugar Don't Bite
Sugar Sugar
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In what classic film did Marilyn Monroe portray a character named Sugar Kane Kowalczyk?
Gentleman Prefer Blondes
The Seven Year Itch
Some Like It Hot
Bus Stop
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Robert Welch introduced Sugar Daddy and Sugar Babies to the candy world; in 1949, his brother launched what confection (made famous on TV's "Seinfeld")?
Andes Mints
Tootsie Rolls
Junior Mints
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What is added to white granulated sugar to make brown sugar?
corn syrup
vanilla extract