5 Questions: S-A-TUR-DAY, RIGHT!

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Which of these actors was never a regular cast member on TV's Saturday Night Live?
Billy Crystal
Steve Martin
Ben Stiller
Randy Quaid
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The Saturday Night Fever soundtrack is #2 on the list of best-selling soundtrack albums of all time. What soundtrack album holds the #1 spot?
The Bodyguard
O Brother, Where Art Thou
The Sound of Music
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Members of which of these religious denominations celebrate their Sabbath Day on Saturday?
Seventh Day Adventists
Roman Catholics
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Which of the following magazines has been published since 1821 (except for a two-year hiatus from 1969-1971)?
Every Saturday
The Saturday Review
Saturday Magazine
The Saturday Evening Post
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Which of these sporting events is always held on a Saturday?
the Kentucky Derby
the Major League Baseball All-Star Game
the Super Bowl
the Indianapolis 500