5 Questions: IN AN INSTANT

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What subtitle appeared at the end of the title on the John Lennon single "Instant Karma"?
When You're Down And Out
War Is Over
Darling Boy
We All Shine On
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In Rights of Man, name the 18th Century American who wrote: "The instant formal government is abolished, society begins to act. A general association takes place, and common interest produces common security."
Benjamin Franklin
William Hill Brown
Thomas Paine
Alexander Hamilton
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Beginning with the 2002 season, what professional sports organization announced that it would begin the use of Instant Replay cameras to assist officials?
the WTA (tennis)
the NHL (hockey)
the NBA (basketball)
NASCAR (stock car racing)
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In 1998, what company acquired the rights to ICQ, the first widespread instant messaging service?
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In 1952, M & R Dietetic Laboratories introduced Pream, which was the first brand of instant ... what?