5 Questions: THE WHITE STUFF

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What David Guterson novel was made into a 1999 motion picture, starring Ethan Hawke, Youki Kudoh and Max von Sydow?
Snow Day
Leopard in the Snow
Smilla's Sense of Snow
Snow Falling on Cedars
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What TV show featured a character by the name of Christmas Snow?
Northern Exposure
Dick Tracy
Three's Company
The Muppets
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Alpin, Blizzak and SP Arctic are all brands of ... what?
snow skis
snow tires
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Which of these singers was born in Nova Scotia, Canada?
Hank Snow
Valaida Snow
Kilby Snow
Phoebe Snow
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Written in the 5th Century by Greek historian Herodotus, the well-known (but unofficial) U.S. Postal Service motto begins with what four words?
Neither rain nor snow
Neither snow nor sleet
Neither rain nor sleet
Neither snow nor rain