5 Questions: SCANDALOUS

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Charles Van Doren became the symbol of the TV quiz show scandals when it was revealed he was given the answers in advance before his appearance on what show?
The $64,000 Question
Tic Tac Dough
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What "secretary" admitted she couldn't type or file, but was still kept on the government payroll by Representative Wayne Hays?
Fanne Fox
Elizabeth Ray
Donna Rice
Fawn Hall
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What was the name of the sting operation set up by the FBI in 1978, designed to catch elected officials granting favors for money?
Operation Greylord
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In 1963, British Cabinet Minister John Profumo resigned in disgrace when he admitted to an affair with whom?
Christine Keeler
Maureen Cleave
Mandy Rice-Davies
Mariella Novotny
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What silent film star's career was destroyed when he was falsely accused in the death of Virginia Rappe?
Charlie Chaplin
Harold Lloyd
Fatty Arbuckle
Buster Keaton