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What was the name of the first English printer, who crafted the first book edition of The Canterbury Tales amongst his near-100 publications?
Richard Hoe
Horace Walpole
Stephen Day
William Caxton
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What classic rock song contains a lyrical reference to The Canterbury Tales with the line: "And so it was that later, as the miller told his tale ..."?
Killer Queen
Sympathy for the Devil
A Whiter Shade of Pale
American Pie
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During the story, what prize is offered by the Innkeeper (Host) for the pilgrim who tells the best story of the bunch?
a meal
a shilling
a pair of shoes
a chalice
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In what motion picture did Paul Bettany portray the role of The Canterbury Tales author Geoffrey Chaucer?
A Knight's Tale
The Lion in Winter
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The Canterbury Tales were stories told by a band of pilgrims on their way to the Canterbury Cathedral to visit the shrine of ...
Roger Bacon
Oliver Cromwell
King Arthur