5 Questions: "FREE" ANSWERS

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What song from the 1970s hit the charts twice for the same artist (in both studio and live-concert versions)?
Free Ride
Philadelphia Freedom
Free Man in Paris
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What short-lived political party was formed in 1848 in opposition of the permission of slavery into new US territories, and was absorbed into the then-new Republican Party by 1854?
The Free Soil Party
The Freedmen's Bureau
The Freedom Party
The Free State Party
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Keiko was the real name of the animal that was the focus of what popular film?
Breaking Free
Free Willy
Butterflies are Free
Born Free
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What was founded in 1787 by British abolitionists as a home for liberated slaves?
the Lake Isle of Innisfree
Orange Free State
Freeport, Brazil
Freetown, Sierra Leone
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What is the name of Detroit's oldest newspaper?
The Free Times
The Free Press
The Free Lance
The Free Journal