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The Borzoi is sometimes called ...
The West Highland Terrier
the German Wirehair Pointer
the Chesapeake Bay Retriever
the Russian Wolfhound
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What Beatles song was written about Paul McCartney's Old English Sheepdog?
Dear Prudence
Martha, My Dear
Lovely Rita
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Jim Kjelgaard's classic novel Big Red was about what type of dog?
an Irish Setter
a Welsh Corgi
a Siberian Husky
a Brussels Griffon
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A Newfoundland dog named Nana was a nurse in what children's story?
Mary Poppins
Stuart Little
Peter Pan
Charlotte's Web
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In the U.K., this dog is called an Alsatian; in the U.S., it's called ...
an Irish Terrier
an English Bulldog
a Staffordshire Terrier
a German Shepherd