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Of the list below, which was the last group given the right to vote in U.S. presidential elections?
Native Americans
District of Columbia residents
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What president signed the Voting Rights Act, considered by many to be the end of the Civil Rights Movement?
Richard Nixon
Lyndon Johnson
George Bush
Jimmy Carter
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Theodore Roosevelt, Robert LaFollette and Henry Wallace all left their original party affiliations to run for president as members of what "third" party?
Progressive Party
American Independent Party
State's Right Party
People's Party
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What successful presidential candidate used the Western expansion slogan "54-40 or fight" in his campaign?
Martin Van Buren
James Buchanan
Millard Fillmore
James Polk
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In 1800, the Electoral College vote was split evenly between Thomas Jefferson and what Republican opponent?
James Madison
Aaron Burr
George Clinton
John Adams