5 Questions: 5/5 on 5/5?

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A new (and temporary) design on the reverse side of the new 2004 five-cent Jefferson nickels depicts:
the Louisiana Purchase
the Jefferson Memorial
the Declaration of Independence
the Unknown Soldier
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What novelty recording artist released a version of "In the Mood" using 'chicken voices' as the Henhouse Five Plus Two?
Ross Bagdasarian
"Weird Al" Yankovic
Ray Stevens
Tiny Tim
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Of the first five Super Bowl games, three of them were played in what stadium?
the Louisiana Superdome
the Orange Bowl
Tulane Stadium
the L.A. Forum
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Which of these was not one of the five original MTV veejays when the network made its debut in 1981?
J.J. Jackson
Alan Hunter
Martha Quinn
Karen Duffy
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What Beverly Hills, 90210 cast member changed his name after seeing a classic Paul Newman film when he was five years old?
Brian Austin Green
Ian Ziering
Jason Priestley
Luke Perry