5 Questions: Celebrated Not-Quite Singers

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What sitcom star was lambasted by the press and public after ruining "The Star-Spangled Banner" before a Padres game in 1990?
Lisa Bonet
Ted Danson
Delta Burke
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This grandmother recorded a famously-bad vanity album in 1967, which included an unforgettable version of "Downtown."
Mrs. Miller
Mrs. Johannson
Mrs. Aldren
Mrs. Olsen
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What's purported to be a tape of her horrible backing vocals on a live version of "Hey Jude" caused a lot of grief for what Beatle wife?
Patti Boyd
Yoko Ono
Barbara Bach
Linda McCartney
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What Disney film star's warbling rendition of "Let's Get Together" was reportedly spliced together from more than 20 different takes?
Lindsay Lohan
Annette Funicello
Hayley Mills
Jodie Foster
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The growing pains that hit this child star of The Donna Reed Show included a recording titled "My Dad" that was voted by at least one poll as The Worst Song of 1962.
Larry Mathews
Paul Petersen
Butch Patrick
Tony Dow