5 Questions: Everything is Relative

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Uncle Wiggily, of book and board game fame, is what type of creature?
a snake
a squirrel
a rabbit
a panda
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What actress won an Academy Award for her role in the 1992 film My Cousin Vinny?
Rosie Perez
Marisa Tomei
Mercedes Ruehl
Mira Sorvino
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Which children's TV show featured a talking grandfather clock as a regular character?
The Electric Company
Captain Kangaroo
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
The Howdy Doody Show
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Who is the author of the popular Father Dowling mystery series?
Andrew Greeley
Lilian Jackson Braun
Mary Higgins Clark
Ralph McInerny
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What vocalist had a number one hit in 1961 with the single "Mother-in-Law"?
J.J. Jackson
Ben E. King
Ernie K-Doe
Gary U.S. Bonds