5 Questions: Held for Ransom

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What is the name of the lad whose evil uncle has him abducted in Robert Louis Stevenson's novel Kidnapped?
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What Rat Packer's only son was kidnapped from his Lake Tahoe hotel room in 1963 and returned safely after the $240,000 ransom was paid?
Sammy Davis, Jr.
Peter Lawford
Frank Sinatra
Dean Martin
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In what 1986 film was Bette Midler kidnapped and held captive for an increasingly reduced ransom when it became obvious that her husband didn't want her returned?
Outrageous Fortune
Big Business
The First Wives Club
Ruthless People
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What name did kidnap victim Patricia Hearst adopt after she joined forces with the Symbionese Liberation Army?
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Who claimed to have been abducted while jogging in Duluth, Georgia, in 2005 and was later dubbed the "Runaway Bride" by the media?
Aimee Semple McPherson
Audrey Seiler
Jennifer Wilbanks
Dar Heatherington