5 Questions: Someday My Prints Will Come

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The footprints of which of the following are often placed on a "souvenir" document issued by the hospital?
An organ transplant recipient
A new mother
A bypass patient
A newborn baby
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First used on their "Sanctuary" album, a handprint became the logo of which rock band?
The Allman Brothers Band
J. Geils Band
The Band
Little River Band
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Whose footprints did Lucy and Ethel steal from the forecourt of Grauman's Chinese Theater on a classic episode of I Love Lucy?
John Wayne
Gary Cooper
William Holden
Richard Widmark
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Which of these is NOT a term used for parts of a fingerprint?
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Which of the following drink vessels commonly has a "thumb print"?
Wine glass
Juice tumbler
Beer mug
Champagne flute