5 Questions: The Walrus was Paul

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What was the first frozen seafood product offered by Mrs. Paul's back in 1946?
Fish fillets
Butterfly shrimp
Deviled crab cakes
Fish sticks
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Paul Hogan is famous for creating which larger-than-life film character?
Martin Riggs
Crocodile Dundee
Snake Plissken
John Rambo
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Which of the following does NOT apply to Pope John Paul I?
First double name in the history of the papacy
Died after 33 days in office
First pope born in the 20th century
Born in Poland
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Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel first achieved musical success as a duo recording under what name?
Tom and Jerry
Ruff and Ready
Beanie and Cecil
Fred and Barney
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Artist Peter Paul Rubens was famous for featuring what type of women in his paintings?
Elfin and ethereal
Round and plump
Tall and muscular
Red-haired and freckled