5 Questions: Don't Leave

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Which of the following lingerie items would most likely have stays?
Garter belt
Half slip
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Which duo stayed at the top of the British pop chart for eight weeks with a song called "Stay"?
Tears for Fears
Shakespear's Sister
Hall and Oates
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What was the advertising tag line for the 1970s board game "Stay Alive"?
"I'm the sole survivor!"
"You sunk my battleship!"
"Pretty sneaky, sis."
"You knocked my block off!"
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What bodybuilder won a Golden Globe for his role in the 1976 film Stay Hungry?
Lou Ferrigno
Franco Columbu
Frank Zane
Arnold Schwarzenegger
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Stay Tuned for Danger is a computer game starring which fictional detective?
Dick Tracy
Nancy Drew
Veronica Mars
Inspector Gadget