5 Questions: Wit and Wisdom

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The expression "to wit" is used in writing to mean:
Which was to be demonstrated
For example
See above
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What Motown artist hit the Top 40 in 1963 with "Can I Get a Witness"?
Smokey Robinson
Marvin Gaye
Aretha Franklin
Stevie Wonder
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What is the motto of Mad magazine's resident half-wit mascot, Alfred E. Neuman?
"What, me worry?"
"Something funny is going on here."
"Notary sojac!"
"Etaoin shrdlu."
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What type of community did undercover cop Harrison Ford have to blend in with as part of a murder investigation in the 1985 film Witness?
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What author wrote the short story "Witness for the Prosecution" that eventually became a celebrated play and Hollywood film?
Agatha Christie
Ellery Queen
S.S. Van Dine
Raymond Chandler