5 Questions: Stuck on You

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What designer has a fragrance line called "Obsession"?
Calvin Klein
Anne Klein
Donna Karan
Christian Dior
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What synth-pop band hit the top 10 in 1985 with "Obsession"?
Information Society
Dead or Alive
Will to Power
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What is the first name of the titular obsessive-compulsive homicide detective on the TV series Monk?
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What actress was John Hinckley Jr. allegedly obsessed with when he attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan?
Melissa Gilbert
Kristy McNichol
Jodie Foster
Drew Barrymore
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What singer co-starred as a wife whose husband was targeted by an office temp in the 2009 film Obsessed?
Jennifer Hudson
Beyoncé Knowles
Mariah Carey
Jennifer Lopez