5 Questions: Twist My Armenia

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Actor Mike Connors (born Krekor Ohanian ) played the title character in what TV detective series?
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Ross Bagdasarian was the composer and performer of what number one novelty hit?
Mr. Custer
Alley Oop
Snoopy vs The Red Baron
Witch Doctor
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What five-act play by William Saroyan won a Pulitzer Prize for Drama?
Death of a Salesman
The Time of Your Life
Strange Interlude
All the Way Home
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Eddie Mekka (born Rudolph Mekjian) played "Carmine Ragusa" on what TV sitcom?
Mork and Mindy
Laverne and Shirley
Barney Miller
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Dr. Jack Kevorkian gained infamy (and a prison sentence) for his participation in what controversial activity?
Assisted suicide
Prescribing marijuana
Genetic selection
Organ "harvesting"