5 Questions: Indiana Wants Me

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Who kicked off the Indianapolis 500 race for over 20 years by singing "Back Home Again in Indiana"?
Robert Goulet
Steve Lawrence
Tony Martin
Jim Nabors
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Which numerical tune was a number one pop hit for Gary U.S. Bonds?
Five O'Clock World
Quarter to Three
Love Potion Number Nine
Two Divided by Love
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What actress portrayed the much older love interest of Peter Muncie (William Holden) in the 1940 Western Arizona?
Joan Fontaine
Bea Arthur
Jean Arthur
Jean Seberg
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Which of the following items, had it manufactured between 1923 and 1958), would be most likely to bear the "Elkhart" imprint?
Steel-toed safety boots
Shortwave radio
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Richard Hammond, co-host of the BBC series Top Gear, is known to his fans by what nickname?