5 Questions: Life's a Beach

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What entertainer ended each episode of his TV variety show by announcing "the Miami Beach audience is the greatest audience in the world"?
Ed Sullivan
Andy Williams
Jackie Gleason
Red Skelton
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In what country was Nevil Shute's post-apocalyptic novel On the Beach set?
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Which member of the Beach Boys befriended Charles Manson and briefly allowed the notorious "Family" to live at his home?
Al Jardine
Dennis Wilson
Mike Love
Brian Wilson
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What Grammy-winning (Song of the Year) tune by Bette Midler was originally featured on the soundtrack of her 1988 film Beaches?
All I Need to Know
From a Distance
Only in Miami
Wind Beneath My Wings
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What "magical" TV series was set in Cocoa Beach, Florida?
Nanny and the Professor
I Dream of Jeannie
My Favorite Martian