5 Questions: Step into Our (Beauty) Parlor

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In the sport of curling, the player on each team who calls the shots is called what?
The Spinner
The Skip
The Slider
The Spiel
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What is the name of the wooden family that appears in a monthly comic strip in Highlights for Children magazine?
The Timbertoes
The Loggerheads
The Boardbodies
The Marionettas
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What band's Permanent Vacation album yielded the hits "Rag Doll" and "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)"?
Van Halen
Bon Jovi
Huey Lewis and the News
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When a jeweler refers to a diamond's "cut," he is describing what aspect of the gem?
Reflective quality
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Who played former U.S. President Richard Nixon in the 2008 film Frost/Nixon?
Danny Aiello
John Turturro
Frank Langella
Paul Sorvino