5 Questions: Be Our Guest

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What was the name of the Jarrett son who'd attempted suicide in Judith Guest's novel Ordinary People?
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What film star made a special guest appearance as "Susie Underpants" on "The One After the Superbowl" episode of Friends?
Uma Thurman
Julia Roberts
Sharon Stone
Catherine Zeta-Jones
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Poet Edgar A. Guest worked first as a copyboy then a reporter for what newspaper when he first immigrated to the U.S.?
Detroit Free Press
Cleveland Plain Dealer
Chicago Sun-Times
Philadelphia Inquirer
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In which of his ensemble films did actor/writer Christopher Guest portray a folk musician?
Best in Show
For Your Consideration
A Mighty Wind
Waiting for Guffman
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What variety show host was one of the guest vocalists on John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band's anthem "Give Peace a Chance"?
Bobby Darin
Tommy Smothers
Flip Wilson
Sonny Bono