5 Questions: Famous "Valleys"

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Which of the following phrases appears in the Hidden Valley Ranch logo?
California, USA
The Original
Salad Dressing
With Buttermilk
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What area of Los Angeles is mentioned in the lyrics of Frank and Moon Zappa's 1982 hit "Valley Girl"?
Van Nuys
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The Sweet Valley High young adult novel series focused on what twin sisters?
Serena and Blair
Elizabeth and Jessica
Kristy and Claudia
Georgia and Louise
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What laundry additive was the long-time sponsor of the TV series Death Valley Days?
20 Mule Team Borax
Mrs. Stewart's Liquid Bluing
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What former Brat Pack-er portrayed Bill Gates in the 1999 TV movie Pirates of Silicon Valley?
Emilio Estevez
Andrew McCarthy
Judd Nelson
Anthony Michael Hall