5 Questions: Here Comes the Sun

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What actress competed with Kristy McNichol to see who could lose their virginity first in the 1980 film Little Darlings?
Melissa Sue Anderson
Heather Thomas
Tatum O'Neal
Phoebe Cates
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The late Edward Winter portrayed what recurring character on TV's M*A*S*H?
Sgt. Zale
Sidney Freedman
Col. Flagg
Donald Penobscot
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The 1979 book On a Clear Day You Can See General Motors was based on the recollections of what former auto executive?
Henry Ford
Lee Iacocca
Roger Smith
John DeLorean
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What is the real surname of the rapper known as Vanilla Ice?
Van Winkle
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Which member of the Rolling Stones was once a member of the band called Faces?
Ronnie Wood
Charlie Watts
Bill Wyman
Brian Jones